Myofascial Yoga Wheel: well-being at 360 degrees

The Myofascial Yoga Wheel program was born from years of experience in the fitness sector, combining skills in multiple specializations with a little-used but very valuable tool for training … at 360 degrees!

MYW classes are suitable for everyone, even for those who have never approached yoga. The wheel helps in the implementation of stretching and lengthening in particular to improve the posture and lengthening of my band.

The use of the Yoga Wheel allows the opening of the back and shoulders to improve diaphragmatic breathing.

By rotating the wheel, a muscle massage is exercised to decontract the myofascia, a deep part of the muscle itself.

The types of the MYW program work at three different levels:

The first level, MYW ROOTS, essential for accessing the other levels, has its roots in the world of Yoga, proposing the classic asanas with the use of the wheel to increase their benefits and to work at a postural level

MYW POWER AND CORE has its roots in Pilates, muscle toning and training of the core muscles. An intense and profound work.

MYW ACROWHEEL is the acrobatic version of MYW. Working in pairs leads to training balance and cooperation to obtain very intense and fun figures.

A fun workout intended for all those who want to learn how to use a new tool.

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