Mindfulness seminars and online course

As I told you in my article, I took the history of mindfulness seriously. And as it is in my nature I do not like to believe so, so much by hearsay, nor do I like to make judgments on something I do not know. So after a series of readings that I recommend to everyone, and by everyone I mean everyone, even those who live a peaceful and joyful life because you never know what can happen, I started to follow increasingly in-depth courses and seminars.

I recommend to everyone the online course of Jon Kabat Zinn, one of the first to scientifically deal with this kind of meditation, and focused on MBSR (Minfulness Based Stress Reduction).

The Be Mindful course, always online and lasting 4 weeks, is interesting for those who are beginners and want to learn the rudiments of this meditation.

As readings, I recommend:

56 days to Mark Williams’ happiness

Here and now (which for now is what I liked the most and it seemed very clear to me with very interesting ideas) by Ronald Siegel

if you are a psychologist or a doctor, I recommend a great book by Fabrizio Didonna, Clinical Manual on Mindfulness, which starts from the scientific analyzes of Kabat Zinn. Very beautiful and difficult.

As I am not a doctor, I cannot practice mindfulness as a therapy of course, but as a yoga teacher I will take the principles and the foundations to use them in short meditations within the class.

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