Acrovibes: acrobatica

Acrobatic Workshop with acrovibes®

acrovibes®: add a bit of show to your routine!

Fiteducation recently began collaborating with acrovibes® to bring excellence even in acrobatics teaching.

A course divided into steps for became an acrovibes® instructor: acrobatics using workouts from functional training, HIT and calisthenics. The course it’s in its first year but expectations are already very high and the results are gratifying. The first part will be focused on strengthening, toning, balance, coordination and collaboration always starting from the principle dear to Fiteducation: safety first.

The most fun thing of the course is the harmony and complicity that is created in the group but especially in working couples.

In addition to developing trust with partners they create a collaboration and synchronization that make possible even the most complex moves. In the various appointments we will develop various hand to hand techniques, specific enhancement techniques to handstands and back to back, stretching and massage techniques to improve the performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The two instructors are Paolo Zotta and Alessandra Zavattarelli, inventors and creators of acrovibes® in collaboration with Sayonara Motta.

The course is very fun and challenging, and shortly hope to complete the training and become an acrovibes® instructor!